2024-2025 Academic Year Cohort

Fall 2023 – Summer 2024
  1. Review the criteria to become a high school delivery site for the Indiana College Core.
  2. Still trying to decide on a primary postsecondary partner? Fill out this interest form and we’ll forward your information to approved providers.
  3. Use the Course Catalog to evaluate your current dual credit and AP offerings to see what gaps need to be filled in order to offer the Indiana College Core certificate.
  4. Contact an approved primary postsecondary partner offering the Indiana College Core certificate.
    Note, you can only have one primary partner awarding the certificate and it is encouraged that you limit the number of secondary partners.
  5. Work with your postsecondary provider to fill out this template of courses at your high school that will be offered in support of the Indiana College Core.
  6. Create a partnership and sign an MOU with your chosen primary postsecondary provider.
  7. Once an MOU is signed, fill out this brief form and work with your primary postsecondary partner who will add your Indiana College Core offerings.
January 1 – July 1, 2024
  1. Place the required content on your high school website.
  2. Utilize resources in the toolkit for schools.
  3. Attend an optional informational webinar to learn more about the Indiana College Core and the My College Core Tool.
August 1, 2024
  1. Official updated number of high schools offering the Indiana College Core will be announced.

Get Started

Use this tool to create your plan of college-level credit you will take in high school to make up the Indiana College Core.