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This site will help you learn more and guide you through planning the college-level coursework you take in high school to earn the Indiana College Core. See which general education coursework will be most applicable to your chosen major, saving you time and money once you get to college!

The Indiana College Core is a block of 30 credit hours of general education, college-level coursework which can be transferred between all Indiana public colleges and universities and some private ones. When earned in high school, the Indiana College Core helps students save time and money toward their higher education.

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Get Ahead

Focus on major-specific coursework, have more flexibility in your schedule, increase your academic confidence and reduce your stress level in college.

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Explore More Opportunities

Study abroad in a different country, add a minor in another area that interests you, gain work experience through an internship, or have more time to volunteer and join campus organizations.

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Save Time and Money

Earn a full year of your general education credits for less than $750 (potentially saving you and your family thousands of dollars) and graduate on time or even early from college.


What you need to know about the Indiana College Core.

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